Album: Eiszeit-Promo012 (2012)

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Song: Wreck

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Heavily influenced by early NY.Hardcore and its raw sound,four of the future band members gathered in fall of 2007 to create a band with a similar raw and pure HC sound.
NEVER HAD IT was born.
All of the members had paid dues in previous bands like Not Now Not Ever or Bloodwork.
The band instantly recorderd first songs,released them on a Demo and played support shows for bands like Death Before
Dishonor,Blacklisted or No Turning Back...............
As result of the feedback they went to the Sonic Sound Studios to record new songs that would reflect the true power of Never Had It..s new sound.
The outcome of this process are four devastating songs that are driven by pure anger and aggression.
The sound is still clearly rooted in the raw classical HC but the band also manages to add more rocky and groovy elements influenced by the Metal and Crossover heroes from their youth.
Never Had It are ready to take the whole thing a level further and to carry on what they started!